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Real Ear measurement format 500 - direct translation of format 200 formatted in xml defined by a structured by a well annotated XSD file. This data standard may only be used in conjunction with Noah 4 +. This download consists of the XSD file as well as several real life xml formatted examples.

Important: All XML data must be encoded using UTF-8

REV 4 December 14 2020

Real Ear measurement format 501

The REM format 501 and the runtime data converter were found to contain a number of issues. After consulting a number of measurement equipment manufacturers to confirm the lack of use of this format it was decided to delist the data standard and focus effort on creating a 502 format to address these issues.

Format 501 has been withdrawn


Real ear measurement format 200 - Using the NOAH standard for storing Real Ear Measurements and Hearing Instrument Tests according to the REMHIT.H header file. This header file, written in the programming language "C", defines the RemData (Rem stands for Real EarMeasurement) and HitData (Hit stands for Hearing Instrument Test) structures.

Version 1.1: May 1st, 2009

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Data Standard Related Information