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Noah ES API Now Ready for Production Use

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HIMSA is pleased to announce the first official release of the Noah ES API! This release includes both our testing and production environments.

The Noah ES API has been created so interested HIMSA member companies can integrate their applications directly to Noah ES accounts. If your company offers a Cloud-based product today or you are considering this direction, we hope that you will take a look at what the Noah ES API has to offer.

Q: If my Noah-compatible software uses the Noah 4 module API today, do I need to use the Noah ES API so that my customers can use my software with Noah ES?

A: No. Noah ES provides compatibility for Noah 4 modules via the Noah ES Client application. The Noah ES API can be used by applications, typically Cloud-based, to integrate directly to a specific Noah ES account controlled by a Hearing Care Business.

Noah ES Documentation for Noah ES App Developers

Business System Integration Options

Noah ES QA Environment status and upcoming planned events:

On at 10:00 CEST / 3:00am CT the QA environment will be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance. It is expected to last for 30-60 minutes. There are no scheduled events.


QA is currently on version 1.15. Noah ES Production US is using 1.14, EU is using 1.14


Current status = Maintenance is currently taking place on QA environment. Access may be unreliableThe QA environment is working as expected.

What HIMSA Provides

  • A Noah ES account that will be based in our QA environment. This environment is based in Europe. U.S.-based developers will experience a little slower response time but not such that will cause issues. The HIMSA U.S. office often tests within the QA environment effectively. Using a virtual machine arranged by you and hosted in Europe is also another option.

  • Access to make use of HIMSA’s sample apps

  • Source code to the sample app Noah ES Development – HIMSA

  • Developers guide

  • Swagger UI (

How to Get Started


Important! The no cost Noah ES account that HIMSA provides for development and testings is only available within our QA environment. You are not allowed to use any real patient data within this Noah ES account.

HIMSA will never setup a hearing care business in QA but HIMSA is aware that some companies have internal clinics or access to patient data. HIMSA will not provide any terms of service nor compliance agreements (GDPR DPA or HIPAA BAA). If you need a Production account in the US or EU please contact HIMSA.

Coming in the near future

HIMSA does not have specific dates set but is working hard on the below features that will be coming soon.

  • Noah ES App Certification

  • Noah ES Client and Activities. Features that will enable business systems to control which patient is active in the Noah ES client, along with other similar features. This set of features will be available with the release of Noah 4.15.

  • Other Upcoming Changes