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29 Sep

Windows 11 Support for HIMSA Products

Microsoft has announced the release of Windows 11 to occur on October 5th, 2021.  ​Below is HIMSA’s current plan for Windows 11. Any new information will be updated on this page.

Current Status

  • As of November 15th 2021, HIMSA has recently performed initial testing, more testing will take place.​now completed formal and complete testing of HIMSA products using Noah System 4.13.

    • No issues have been found with Noah 4​

    • No issues were found with NOAHLink (no longer sold) – Testing pending​Noahlink Wireless – Testing pending​

    • No issues were found with Noahlink Wireless . However, it was noted that is some circumstances, the Noahlink Wireless driver may need to be download and manually installed.

    • HIMSA must also rely on NOAHlink and Noahlink Wireless licensees to more thoroughly check that their hearing aids can program as expected. 

​Q: Does HIMSA officially support Windows 11?

A: Not at this time Yes, but please see the plan below.

Support Status

Once the official release has been made by Microsoft:

  • HIMSA will perform official testing on the latest releases (e.g. Noah 4.13)

  • We will plan to complete formal and complete testing within 30 days.


Official Support Announcement

  • HIMSA will announce Windows 11 support here, as well as and other newsletter publications in the near furure.

  • Our announcements will always make it clear that the statement is only for a specific for specific HIMSA product products and not for modules or business systems.

  • HIMSA will incorporate Windows 11 into the HIMSA Certification Process

    • For Noah 4 modules - We will plan to first make support for Windows 11 optional (typically 6-9 months)

    • Noah business systems - Noah 4 business systems are in control of what operating systems they wish to support.