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Business API: Used by business systems to access Noah objects.

  • Session Browser: A GUI component that is responsible for showing the current patient’s sessions and actions.

  • Active Document Container: Hosts the NOAH 3 modules.

  • Module Installation Server: Used for registering modules NOAH 3 with Noah 4.

  • Module Install OCX: Used to register a module from inside Noah System. Takes an .ini file as input and registers the module using the Module Installation Server.

  • Noah Basic Object: Implements the basic objects (Action, Patient, LicenseInfo, Product, Session, UnBoundAction, User, etc.) and interfaces to interact with these.

  • Noah Server Lib: Remoting for Noah.

  • Noah Server Proxy: Com interface responsible for the client/server communication.

  • Module API: Is used by modules to access the Noah objects.

  • Noah Server Core: Core server functionality.

  • Noah Data Objects: Similar to the basic object except that it is located on the server.

  • Noah client: Contains the object hierarchy on the client and handles communication with the server.

  • GPDP: General Purpose Data Porter, the name of the data stream, which enables Business system to send arbitrary data to. The managed Database dll.