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HIMSA has enabled 4 new data types.  Data types (e.g. Audiograms, Real Ear Measurement, Hearing Instrument selection) are used as a way to indicate what type of data is contained within a Noah action.


Data Type Code

HIMSA data standard

Cochlear Sound Processor Selection Left



Cochlear Sound Processor Selection Right



Cochlear Sound Processor Programming Left



Cochlear Sound Processor Programming Right



With these new data types it is now possible for a Noah compatible application to save Noah actions and have them be specifically labeled in the Noah session browser. Image Removed


New Data Standard - Cochlear Implant Sound Processor Selection

HIMSA has also released a simple data standard so that companies saving sound processor data may store the model name and serial number (if available).  If this format is used, then Noah and other compatible applications will have the ability to make use of this data.

Q: Is HIMSA attempting to standardize any data beyond a mode and serial number of a cochlear sound processor?

A: No.  The scope of the data standard is very simple at this time.  If the industry finds that there is a need or desire to exchange CI data between different Noah compatible applications then HIMSA will be happy to form a committee of interest companies to discuss an update to the data standard.

Please click here for more data standard information