Data Standard Q and A

Q: Is it acceptable for a Noah compatible application to save an action type (e.g. Audiogram) with a format 0 or with no public data attached to the action?

A: Technically speaking, yes. It is possible to save in format 0 which means that the data in the public area of the action does not follow a published HIMSA standard. It is also acceptable to not save public data but yet include private data for the action.

However, take consideration into how other applications and hearing care professionals will perceive this. For example, if an audiogram is saved with no public data then it is easy to envision that other applications and will assume that there is data missing. Hearing care professionals will also see the audiogram action in the session browser but be confused as why other applications are not showing the audiogram.

If you find your self in a situation where you are not sure how to save the data please contact the developer help desk - (home)