Postman - Get AppConnection

Pupose: Get AppConnection Route. How to test. This is how you can tell if the app is approved in Noah ES.



  • Generate an Access token


1.) You will need to change the {tenantid}. See picture below. What needs to be removed and replaced has been highlighted. Replace it with the tenant id

Updated the with the tenant id.


2.) Headers - The X-Api-Version needs to be set. At this time 1.0 is the only version, so this is what I have set.


3.) Select the “Send” button.

3.) If the app has been approved in Noah ES you will get Status: 200 OK message.

NOTE: If you do not see the message below, these things could have happened. The “Post App Connection” is wrong or the Post App Connection didn’t happen. It is also possible the app has yet to be approved in Noah ES.

4.) You will also see that you have been granted access to all demographic data and data types requested by the Get AppConnection Route. You will also see the “UserAccountAccessLevels”


{ "patientFields": [ { "field": "PatientNo", "access": "Granted" }, { "field": "FirstName", "access": "Granted" }, { "field": "LastName", "access": "Granted" }, { "field": "Gender", "access": "Granted" }, { "field": "Address1", "access": "Granted" }, { "field": "City", "access": "Granted" }, { "field": "Country", "access": "Granted" }, { "field": "HomePhone", "access": "Granted" }, { "field": "EmailAddress", "access": "Granted" }, { "field": "Comment", "access": "Granted" }, { "field": "Photo", "access": "Granted" }, { "field": "PatientCategories", "access": "Granted" }, { "field": "CreatorUserAccountId", "access": "Granted" } ], "dataTypes": [ { "dataType": 1, "access": "Granted" }, { "dataType": 256, "access": "Granted" } ], "userAccountAccessLevels": [ { "accessLevel": "Limited", "access": "Granted" } ], "controlPatientManagement": "NotRequested", "canManagePatients": true, "exclusivePatientManagement": false, "mainPatientManagementSystemName": "Himsa NoahES BS Sample App", "created": "2023-03-22T15:54:37.91Z" }