Event Integrations

Almost everything that happens in Noah will result in an event being sent to all clients.


Noah ES supports two different types of Event Integrations: Real Time Messaging (RTM) and Webhooks.

See an example of the implementation of RTM and Webhooks in the Sample App: https://himsanoah.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AD/pages/3200450830

Real-Time Messaging (RTM)

This implementation is based on SignalR, which is making use of different technologies depending on operating systems, firewall setups etc.

Please see more here: https://himsanoah.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AD/pages/1275625591

Webhooks (From Noah ES 1.13)

Please see more here: https://himsanoah.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AD/pages/1275625605

Selecting the type of event integration

The table below highlights some of the differences between RTM and Webhooks


Real Time Messaging (RTM)



Real Time Messaging (RTM)


No changes to firewall setups required


Usually not, since the client initiates the connection


Low latency (“real time”)



No need to deal with skipped events during transient disconnects

But SignalR tries to re-connect to some extent


No risk of skipping events during high load

Can be an issue in SignalR when queue grows too big


Easy catch up after downtime

App does not need to be running always



Always encrypted

Note that events mostly contains ids, and never patient data.


No HTTPS setup required



Subscribing to event types

You can set up events via the API.

Your Request URL might receive many events and requests. Consider decoupling your ingestion of events from the processing and reaction to them.

List of Events

The list of implemented events can be found in the

EventSubscriptions > Post > Schema > eventSubscriptions … > EventSubscriptionItem … > Array

Please see the screenshots below



"TenantId": "730388bc-af11-468d-bd2e-cec0f273a822",

"NotificationEventSubscriptionId": "19efd771-f3f7-4287-a4da-f9f16adc0552",

"NotificationEventId": "6e665039-b4ec-41b8-96ac-614b53eeea10",

"CorrelationId": "66861d3f-37b9-441b-9f00-f60181fa49d2",

"EventType": "PatientCreated",

"TransmissionDate": "2017-03-02T14:37:07.9395339Z",

"Event": {

"ResourceId": "b93009e0-07b9-4260-bf2a-a2c02cb230c8",

"EventDate": "2017-03-02T14:37:07.9395339Z",

"References": [{

"Rel": "self",

"Href": "https://.../730388bc-af11-468d-bd2e-cec0f273a822/api/patients/b93009e0-07b9-4260-bf2a-a2c02cb230c8",

"ResourceId": "b93009e0-07b9-4260-bf2a-a2c02cb230c8"