Overview of changes with Noah 4.4

  • It is now possible to configure, which version of the HIMSA data standard schemas is to be used in a given transfer, hence giving the option to use different schema versions for different Noah locations.

  • Deleted action is now exported with a operation=”Deleted” attribute on the action element. (WSI Level 2 or higher)

  • The WSI interface is extended with a number of new methods.

  • Full patient records send and receive. Patient data can be send from Noah to the backend for saving or for distribution to another Noah location.

  • Start Noah and set a patient in Noah by bespid from another application located upon the same Client PC as Noah.

  • It is now possible to specify which IP address or logical name the Noah web service should use e.g. if you are running your Noah server upon a server, which supports more than one IP address.