Noah 4 Module Developers Guide Full Document

Introduction - Module Development
Recent Changes
Noah Architecture
Noah 4 architecture
Noah 4 Transparancy
ModuleAPI Component
External Objects
ModuleAPI Main Objects
The ModuleAPI Object
The User Object
The Patient Object
The Session Object
The Action Object
UnBoundAction Object

Module Object
Manufacturer Object
ActionConverter Object
The Concept of Archived Actions
The Concept of NonCurrent Actions
More Information
Module Development
Module Launch Scenarios
Module Deployment
Module Registration

The Registration Objects
DataType Object
Protocol Object
ModuleAlias Object
Module Implementation
Fast Data View For Modules
Implementing Module Launch
Launching and Connecting the Module
Connecting the Module
More Information_Instantiating the Module
Create a logo and description resource
Programming Module Operations
Style Recommendations
Adding a Logo, Patient Manager font and colors, and the module description to the Application
Constant Definitions
Constant Definitions
Noah ES Optimistic Locking and Impact for Noah 4 API Modules