Full patient record import/export

The Noah 4 web service integration contains full patient record import and export functionality. This enables the business system to export an entire list of actions for a given patient identified by the bespid. The business system will receive a NHAX formatted string, which the business system can chose to save as a backup of a given patient, or to send it to another Noah installation which the patient system supports. The other Noah installation can then import the patient and the patient’s action and the user of Noah 4 will be able to see and work with the patient from inside Noah 4 Gui.

The import will use the Bespid for identification of the patient so if the Bespid exists inside the receiving Noah installation, an update is done, otherwise the patient and actions are inserted.

A separate web service is created for support of this functionality, so that this functionality will work decoupled from the other web methods. A patient with records can vary in data size therefore the transport mode is set to be streamed.

Important notice: If the receiving Noah is set up to use manual patient numbering, then the manual patient number will be overwritten by an automated number if a patient is updated using the Full patient record import.

Starting Noah from another App on the same PC

This functionality will enable the user of the business system to select a patient in the business system and start Noah from inside the business system. In order to do so, it is necessary to use a plugin to the Noah Client service. This plugin needs to be installed on the client PC and registered towards Noah client.

The plugin will expose a few method calls that can be used by the application. The following methods can be used. Please see Using NoahWebIntegrationGUIStart for further instructions on how the plugin is registered and how to use it inside a C# application.




Gets the patient defined by first name last name by the use of the patient manager.


Disconnects the plugin from Noah


Connects the plugin to Noah


Set the patient in Noah by the use of the patient manager.


Start the Noah 4 GUI.