Export of data out of Noah

When Noah is triggered to send data to the BEWS, Noah Server will then package the data using the format described in the PatientExport.XSD. The action data – like the Audiogram data – is converted to format 500 XML and embedded into the PatientExport data. In the current implementation there will only be one action in each PatientExport – but note that this could be changed at a later stage as the PatientExport.XSD allows for more than one action in each Patient Export. Only the public part of the Noah action will be exported out of Noah.

When using the Automated WSI, data will be exported to the BEWS when it is saved into Noah using a Noah compatible module. This is assumed to be the normal trigger for sending data. There is a small time delay from the time an action is saved until it is actually transmitted – this is because some modules, like the Noah 3 Noah Audiogram module, send several actions and a delay is needed to ensure that they are all received before the transmission starts.

Another way to get data from Noah is to create a “BES query” (See BESQuery), where the BEWS can send a query for specific actions to be exported. The parameters in the query can be Patient ID (see The Back-end System Patient ID = BESPID), time interval and action type. For example, the BEWS can request that Noah (re-)transmits:

  • All audiograms and fittings for a specific Patient, that were saved in the Noah database in the last

  • Or BEWS can simply request that Noah transmits all Hearing Instrument Selections that were made in the Noah

Please note that only the public part of a Noah action is transmitted using the WSI.

If WSI is using ConformanceLevel 2 or higher, WSI will export the deleted action to the backend with the action marked as deleted.


     <pt:Action operation=”Deleted”>


How to determine if an action is already received in BES

Since Noah actions do not have a unique action ID, it must be determined if an action is already received by looking on the Patient, the TypeOfData, the ActionDate,  and the LastModifiedDate. The only element that will change if the action is updated in Noah will be the LastModifiedDate.




                    <pt:Description>New Audiogram</pt:Description>






... <pt:PublicData />





Note: ActionDate is the same as CreateDate in “Noah terms”