Supported data/action types

The Noah 4 Web service integration functionality should support all Noah 4 action types that are available in format 500 and have a public standard. Support in this case means both import to and export from Noah 4.

Import and Export only contains the public part of the action types. Please note that the modules can have support for entering private data in the public blob – as an extension to the public data. This data is NOT transferred.

The following list of data can be exported to the BES and imported into Noah from the BES (And this is configurable in WSI Configuration)

  • Patient demographic (Only Noah 4.5 and newer)

  • Audiometric

  • Impedance

  • Real ear measurement

  • Hearing instrument test

  • Hearing instrument selection

  • fitting

  • remote control

Only public data – format 500 XML

Note: does not include Questionnaire, Journal module actions, Ear scan actions and Video Otoscopy.