The Back End Webservice

The BackEnd Webservice must implement the following interface.

[ServiceContract(Namespace = "")]

public interface INoahBusinessIntegrationWebOtherSideInterface


/// <summary>

/// DataFromNoah method

/// </summary>

/// <param name="NoahLocation"></param>

/// <param name="NoahUser"></param>

/// <param name="BusinessSystemUser"></param>

/// <param name="MessageID"></param>

/// <param name="data"></param> [OperationContract]

void DataFromNoah(string NoahLocation, string NoahUser, string BusinessSystemUser,

int MessageID, string data);


The name of the client endpoint must be

“BasicHttpBinding_INoahBusinessIntegrationWebOtherSideInterface.” This name is used to determine the configuration for transmitting to the Back-end Web service.


   <endpoint address="http://localhost:8001/NoahBSOtherEnd" binding="basicHttpBinding"




name="BasicHttpBinding_INoahBusinessIntegrationWebOtherSideInterface" />



The method is used by Noah Web Service to transmit data to the back end system.


  • String NoahLocation

  • String NoahUser

  • String BusinessSystemUser

  • Int MessageID not used

  • String data

The Data contains the XML document defined in the Schema files NoahDataExchange.xsd, PatientExport.xsd etc.