Noah Architecture

Noah 4 intro

Noah 4 is the latest version of the Noah software developed by HIMSA II. Noah is a modular software framework/application. The figure below shows the different components which make up the Noah 4 system.

Figure  – The Noah 4 architecture

Noah 4 is a client server system, with a central database connected to a component called NoahServer.

The Noah server is an MS-windows based service, which resides either on the same PC as Noah client or on a dedicated server PC. The Database used by Noah is by default a SQLCE and it resides along with the Noah server either on the local PC or on a dedicated server PC. Himsa also delivers a solution for using MS-SQL along with Noah 4. Please note: The Noah Database interface and the Noah Database in the figure can be supplied by the business system developer. The NoahServer component handles the transfer of data to and from the database. The NoahServer also provides access to a System Database, which defines a variety of constant values that are used by modules during normal operation.

The NoahServer communicates with one or more NoahClient components each residing on different workstations (one NoahClient per workstation). The NoahServer handles the synchronization between all these workstations.

Each workstation has its own set of third-party fitting, measurement or other modules installed locally. Using the ModuleAPI component, the modules communicate with the local NoahClient component to exchange data via the NoahServer component.

Noah Client is the main component that Noah installs on a client PC; the Noah client will normally be executed as a MS-windows service. The business API and the module API are installed and available for the module or business system developers in the form of a .NET assembly dll. The Dll’s can then be referenced within your development environment.  


The responsibilities of the NoahClient component are:

  • keeping track of registered modules on the workstation

  • Regulating the number of modules that are simultaneously connected to Noah on the same workstation

  • Providing access to data in Noah for the ModuleAPI and BusinessAPI

After installation, the ModuleAPI component is the primary interface for the module to access the Noah software.