Business System Integration with Noah where the Business System owns Data

This configuration is similar to the NOAH 3 data model in which the business systems are in complete control of the demographic and Noah data. This setup allows the business system developer to integrate session data so that the session data can be combined with Noah session data and other business data in the business system. The figure below outlines this setup. 

                               Figure: Business System Integration Model – Business System Owns Noah Data

The Database interface, to be delivered by the business system developer, must be a .NET 4.0 CLS-compliant interface, also referred to as a managed database interface.

Business system developers should choose this setup if the business system needs to be able to work actively with Noah data in order to, for example, add an action to the Noah data, display more sophisticated data such as audiograms or fittings for more than one patient at a time, or compare several audiograms for one patient.

This setup gives the business system total control of the database environment, backup strategies and other database settings.