Fast Data View for Business Systems

Fast Data View

With Noah 4.7 HIMSA has added the Fast Data Viewing feature, providing Professionals with immediate access to patient data without opening the Noah modules!

If the Noah module supports Fast Data Viewing, the Professional will see an eye icon next to the module action in the Sessions list.  Fast Data Viewing allows Noah modules to save a report with important patient information. The content and design of the report is set by the module developer.

Business API

The implementation of Fast Data view has resulted in an updated database interface. It is mandatory to comply with this database interface in order to certify for Noah 4.7 and onwards. The new functions are updated in the BusinessAPI namespace in the BusinessAPI.chm file and in the database tester.

Please note the “FastViewsEnabled Property” that can be set by the user of the Business System, if the Business System gives the user this option. If this property is set to “False” then Noah Client will not send the FDV to the Business System, and it is simply deleted. The property is meant for users that does not wish to use FDV and thereby do not wish to populate the database.

NHAX Import/Export

The NHAX format is prepared to include the FDVs so that these can be sent from one Business System to another.