Noah ES Limited Release Known issues and Status

Location Information gathering

Please provide answers to the following questions by updating your Noah ES support ticket.

  1. What is your Business name, address, main contact, main contact email address, whom we will list as the Business Decision Maker. Note that this person must have the authority to sign contracts.

  2. What are your normal business hours?

  3. Do you currently own a Noah System 4 License?

  4. How long have you been using Noah?

  5. For Noah ES you will need to be running Noah 4.13. What is the version of Noah you are running now? This can be found at Help, About Noah:


  6. Briefly describe your current Noah installation

    1. Is it a networked installation or non-networked installation?

    2. How many PC’s are in your setup?

  7. What fitting and measurement modules are you using in Noah? To get a list you can launch Noah, click on Setup and Arrange Module Order.

  8. What is the size of your Noah patient database and the number of patients?

    1. The size of the database can be found in the Noah Console under Database Details. To the right the Database Size Used is listed in KB.

    2. To view the number of patients in your Noah database, launch Noah, select any patient record, click on File, Export Patients. The total number of patients will be shown: