Activating user accounts in Noah ES

Inactive user accounts are brought into Noah ES when migrating or importing a Noah database.

In the Noah ES Portal under Manage Users, you will see a spot to ‘Included deactivated accounts':

The deactivated accounts can include accounts that are manually deactivated by the Noah ES BDM, but will also include accounts that are associated with patient databases imported and migrated to Noah ES.

For example, the default ABC account or adm accounts in Noah system, or any other unique user accounts that may have been used in Noah System.

These accounts can be viewed by selecting the ‘Include deactivated accounts’.

Some user accounts listed here could be generic like the ABC account or are hearing care professionals that no longer work for the business. These accounts just remain deactivated.

If there are user accounts listed that need to be present in Noah ES, the BDM could update these accounts with email addresses and Activate them rather that adding new accounts.

Note that each account added or activated counts toward the number of users you are charged for in Noah ES.



Steps to update and activate an inactive Noah ES user account

  1. Launch the Noah ES Portal account

  2. Select Manage Users

  3. Select the Edit pencil

  4. Replace the imported email data with an actual email account

  5. Click Save

  6. The email account will receive two emails; first to Confirm email address then next to Set Password

  7. Once password is set you can select Activate