Noah ES Cloud Client Shim update for error 50138

If you are using Noah 4.14 you will not need the Shim update before launching Noah.

In very rare circumstances, possibly a location trying to use Noah ES with Noah 4.13, a 50138 error occurs at log in and running the Shim update will resolve.

The tool will upgrade the Noah ES cloud shim to version 100.

It is likely that the Shim components are already up to date, in that case you will see message that 'Current version 100 of Cloud Shim components is larger or equal…” .

In this case just Close and proceed to the Noah ES login.



  1. Download and unzip the tool on the computer with Noah System

  2. Right click and choose ‘Run as administrator’

  3. Choose Update:

  4. Tool will report that the components have been updated to version 100

  5. Click Close