"Noah ES Payment Failed" Message, May 2024

May 3, 2024 If you have received a recent message about your Noah ES Payment failing, it is likely a false alarm. Your account will not be closed automatically.

Customers subscribed with a Visa card may experience their upcoming payments failing and receiving the email below. This is due to an unforeseen change with Visa credit cards.

HIMSA is working on a resolution to the issue and will update this page when a fix has been applied.

Please see the Q&A below.

Q & A

Q: Is my account at risk of being closed?

A: No! Closing of Noah ES accounts must be approved by HIMSA product management. It is not an automatic process.

Q: Why am I receiving this email?

A: Recent change with Visa cards has caused an unexpected change that interferes with HIMSA’s automatic payment system. The system reads this as a failure to pay, resulting in the incorrect email message.

Q: My card is not a Visa credit card, will this affect me?

A: No, the change only impacts customers paying with a Visa card.

Q: Should I do something?

A: No. HIMSA will reach out if there is an actual problem with the payment.