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Important announcement for HIMSA member companies making use of the WSI API

Noah ES will function very similar to Noah System 4 from a graphical user interface perspective and provide a great deal of helpful features for hearing care businesses (HCB). Please see Noah ES Basics for more information.

Although the user interfaces for hearing care professionals are very similar the implementation behind the scenes is greatly different. As HIMSA developed Noah ES a good deal of effort was placed on attempting to build a compatibility layer to remove or limit the amount of work WSI developers would need to perform. Unfortunately, we concluded that this was not reasonable to achieve.

Q: Will the WSI API continue to work with Noah System 4?

A: Yes. Further, HIMSA has no plans for ending the support for Noah System 4. We are aware that there will be many customers that will prefer to use an on-premise installed application vs. a cloud-based system. Further, HIMSA provides Noah as a world-wide application and Noah ES will not, at least at first, be available in all areas of the world. To start, Noah ES will be available in the United States and European Economic Area.


Main Points in this announcement

  • WSI Member companies wishing to offer integration with Noah ES will be able to do so in the future when HIMSA has release released the Noah ES API.

  • HIMSA is clearly communicating this point with potential Noah ES Beta test sites and will continue to promote this information in future written materials after the beta test has completed. HIMSA will always clearly communicate that integration is not possible due to HIMSA.

  • HIMSA plans to make the post-beta release around June 2021. It is anticipated that the Noah ES API will be finalized 6 months later.

  • New licensing terms are being offered to integrate with Noah ES.

Some of the New Noah ES API Features

Noah ES will provide a number of new features that are currently not offered in the WSI API


Short Description

Patient Locations and Groups

  • Locations (Stores, Shops, Clinics) and Groups (generic logical groups of patients) will be support.

  • Patients can be assigned to one or many

  • Noah ES user access control to locations and groups is supported

  • Business systems will be able to manage locations and groups as well as assignment of patients.

Patient Management

  • Business systems will be able to add patients into Noah ES

  • Prevent patients from being added through Noah ES

  • Receive notifications from Noah ES when a different patient record is selected in Noah ES

Indentity and Access Management

  • Noah ES make use of a modern authentication system that is designed to provide:

    • modern authentication (e.g. MFA)

    • Integration with other cloud based systems such as Azure AD

    • Supports integration with other systems via SAML and Open ID Connect

  • These features will provide different options to provide a smoother authentication system with your system and Noah ES.

Noah Action Data

  • The Noah ES API will provide access to all data types and formats

  • Your business system can setup custom data subscriptions to be alerted when new types of data are added to a patient record.

Noah ES API Licensing Options

The price structure for current WSI licensees is listed below

Current WSI License Type

To make use of the Noah ES API

Fixed Price License (unlimited sites)

no additional licensing needed, you may use the current WSI API and Noah ES API when available.

Variable Price per site

You will need to upgrade your license to an OAS license:

  • One time initial fee of DKK 78,000. HIMSA will apply the last years WSI fees paid to HIMSA towards this initial fee

  • An annual fee of DKK 40,000


There is no per site license in addition to the fees listed above

The price per locations still using the WSI API will still apply.

Q: Is my company required to support integration with Noah ES

A: No.