Documentation Information Available Here

Complete SDK

The information provided on this portal does not contain all necessary tools to complete an integration, rather a focus on information.  The complete SDK is made available via  The complete SDK can be found at

Main items accessible via

  • WSI Installer

  • XSD Files

  • Back End Simulator (compiled and source code versions) An example system that be used to simulate a business system exchanging data with Noah System


HIMSA Provided Technical Support for WSI Members

History and Original Intention

The WSI API is a stable and mature API that was first released in January 2012. The original intent was to create an API that could be used, without the need for support, by smaller businesses that would like to integrate their EMR system where Noah and the EMR system are located in the same premise or network. Over the years, many companies have used the API successfully in other types of environments using their own customizations.

HIMSA often receives questions in regard to “Cloud Readiness” with the WSI API. This topic is an increasingly popular topic. HIMSA strongly suggests that you review Business System Integration Options recorded presentation in order to quickly obtain a good overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the WSI API.

Member Company Developer Responsibilities

The member company development team has the following responsibilities:

  • Have experience working with a SOAP-based API, or be prepared to gain knowledge for using a SOAP-based API via a training course arranged by you

  • Read and make use of the provided API documentation

  • Use the sample system (developed with C#) as an example that demonstrates the uses of the API. The source code to this application is provided.

  • If you cannot obtain needed information or discover a solution using the above-noted resources, please submit a support request via our online support system.

Example of Issues that HIMSA can provide assistance with

  • Provide up-to-date samples and SDK documentation.

  • Provide tips or answer questions to topics that are not covered in the SDK documentation. Given the fact that the API is mature, it is unlikely that a new and unique situation will occur.

  • Provide answers to development questions that pertain to the intention of the API (see above History and Original Intention section).

  • HIMSA will respond to these types of questions when they are submitted to the online support system. HIMSA strives to respond to issues within 1 business day or sooner.

Example of Issues that HIMSA cannot provide assistance with

  • Development questions that are clearly documented and/or provided in the sample application.

  • Infrastructure questions or support for member company customer environments (setting up network infrastructure etc.).

  • Integrating to a cloud-based EMR/Business system

  • If there are special circumstances in which HIMSA must be directly involved, then this support will be charged on an hourly base. For 2023 the hourly price for support is DKK 1.400 (app. Eur 190).