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Noah ES data backups are automatic and frequent, stored safely in the cloud, and require no storage or maintenance by Noah ES users.

After switching to Noah ES, the backup settings found in the Noah Console used to make database backups of Noah System, are still active. They are however applied to the Noah 4 database - not the Noah ES database.

What this means is that you will still have continuous backups of your local database even if you are not using it and it does not change.

When the time comes you are only using Noah ES and not adding any information to your local database, you may want to consider reducing the frequency of backups or disabling automatic backups of the local database altogether.

You may also wish to periodically remove outdated databases. Please see our guide here.

For most Noah ES users, the switch to Noah ES will make the Noah 4 database obsolete.

For information on how to control your automatic backup in Noah 4, as well as how to remove excess backups, please see here.