Noah ES Support Portal

Many hearing care professionals have been asking HIMSA for a cloud-enabled Noah. With Noah ES, that solution is at hand. Functionality and features such as data security and cloud access are critical and Noah ES has been meticulously designed, implemented, and tested to ensure an excellent user experience.

Please review the following information on the benefits of Noah ES, subscription details, and support options. If Noah ES looks promising for your business, you can move on to information on setting up an account, and updating to Noah ES.


Noah ES accounts will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Noah ES is a cloud-based Noah, the Noah database and cloud services are hosted by HIMSA

  • With Noah ES the hearing care professional has access to Noah patient data 24X7

  • Noah patient data is securely stored in professionally maintained data centers

  • Noah ES is a fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant solution

  • Noah ES supports large numbers of shops, locations, and concurrent users

  • Easy account and service setup

  • The Noah database will be backed up daily and be physically protected from natural disasters and physical theft

  • Networking inside your office and/or between all of your offices will be greatly simplified; no need for setting up specialized networking support (e.g. complicated VPN setups)

  • Your patient data remains your company’s patient data; HIMSA will not view, copy, or use the data.  HIMSA member companies not have any special access to data outside of the normal access that current Noah compatible modules and Apps have today

Noah ES is a Subscription service

  • Noah ES is a subscription service purchased directly from HIMSA

  • Noah ES subscription price is based on the number of user accounts vs. the current site license model

  • The basic plan includes 2GB of database storage. 150 GB of database storage is available for $10/month (per account, not per user). This fee is waived with 7 or more users.

  • $20 user/month when paying for 1 year, minimum of three users

  • $23 user/month when paying month-by-month, minimum of three users

  • Users are defined as individual named accounts setup within Noah ES. For example, if your business has 5 hearing care professionals that work in 3 different offices, you will have 5 user accounts in Noah ES.

Q: If I decide to stop using Noah ES, can I move back to Noah System?
A: Yes, HIMSA will provide help with this.


Noah ES Support

  • Support from HIMSA for Noah ES is self service e-support

    • Extensive knowledgebase will be a resource to quickly locate solutions

    • An online help desk will be available to submit any questions or problems

    • Support questions will be submitted by the hearing care business Administrator

  • In addition, HIMSA Member Companies may chose to provide Noah ES support

  • Option for direct support thru HIMSA

    • This direct support service can be selected when signing up for Noah ES

    • The HIMSA direct service is priced at $300/per user/per year – only available for accounts making 1-year Noah ES agreements

    • This service includes direct phone support from HIMSA during business hours and online consultation meetings for setup and planning