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The Inbox form enables the user to trace the imports made to Noah, and if needed, mark any import to be resolved and thereby forcing a reimport. The trace or events for an import in Noah can be seen by selecting a particular import in the top list box name Inbox and the Inbox log (lower list box) will then show the events for this import. (Please see RequestWSIConformanceLevel Flow and Appendix 1: Error Codes for a list of Error Codes).Image Removed

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Get Data: Select a Business system user id from the drop down list.  Then press get data and all rows which are not imported into Noah for resolving reason or due to BESPID errors will be displayed. If the trigger flag checkmark is set to all data, data which is already imported into to Noah will be shown.

View Data: Select a row and press the view data button and the imported XML data is shown in a viewer.

Clear Flag: Clear the trigger flag, this will put the already imported data into a resolving mode.

Set Flag: Sets the trigger flag. Noah will not try to resolve the data imported.

View Data: (Inbox log) As for the inbox list view.