Moving your patient database to Noah ES

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Does your business have the need to organize patients into different locations and groups? Before moving patient data it will be to your advantage to learn more about Locations and Groups

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To prepare the Noah System database for migrations, click on Noah System DB Maintenance Tool


Q & A

Q. Can I just use the traditional Noah Import to move data to Noah ES and Merge any duplicate records as they import?

A. Exporting from Noah System and Importing into Noah ES is an alternate way to move data for smaller databases, but the export and import process is much more time intensive and not at all recommended for large databases. Also, still advised to run the DB Maintenance Tool before exporting from Noah System 4.14.2 databases.

Q & A

Q. How long will it take to migrate my Noah System database to Noah ES?

A. The timing of the data migration to Noah ES will depend on the size of the Noah database and the speed of the internet connection, but it is a methodical process. As a rough estimate you can expect one or two seconds per patient record but the size of each patient record is individual, so it is not an absolute measure.

In a Noah network environment it is possible to continue to work in Noah System or in Noah ES while the migration is taking place, you just cannot be on the machine where the Noah ES Data Migration tool is running. So for example, the migration tool can run on the Noah server while clients continue to work in Noah ES or Noah System.