Noah compatible modules unable to save data with Noah ES


2/7/2022 - This issue has been fixed in the Noah ES Cloud Release v 1.3.4 released Feb 7, 2022.


HIMSA has recently become aware of an issue saving data in Noah ES that is unique to Noah ES customers.

The issue will not impact all customers but is more likely to impact Noah ES users that are:

  • Located in the United States

    • This issue can happen for European customers but is much less likely

  • Saving data to Noah ES outside of standard business hours

    • Users that are located in the Mountain and Pacific time zones are more likely to experience

HIMSA has placed a high priority on this issue and expects to make a fix in the near future. We do not presently have a specific date but any updates to this issue will be made on this page.

Symptoms of the problem

  • While saving an action the Noah ES user is asked to log into Noah ES again. After logging in again the fitting or measurement module may display an error or potentially lock up.

    • Some of the actions may be stored but others expected to be stored are missing.

  • Impacts all modules and each module will present different error messages

What Causes the Problem

  • A conflict between the current calendar day and the UTC day/time which Noah ES uses to support businesses with locations in multiple time zones.

    • If actions are saved at a time later in the day there may be a problem where the UTC time has moved into the next calendar day and the mismatch prevents the saving of data

  • The problem will remain for another 24 hours and then it will be possible to save more data to the impacted patient record. The problem will only occur when data is saved between late afternoon and evening. The exact times will depend on your time zone.

Time Zone

Time Range

Time Zone

Time Range

US Eastern

7 p.m. and midnight

US Central

6 p.m. and midnight

US Mountain

5 p.m. and midnight

US Pacific

4 p.m. and midnight

Short Term Workaround

If presented with an error saving to Noah ES, adding a new patient record is a good SHORT-TERM workaround.

  • Add the new record with the same patient name, don’t delete the original

  • Perform and save fitting to new record

  • Then have a user with “Merge Patient Records” permissions merge the old and new records

Any pre-fittings are best performed on the same date as the patient is seen rather than in the evening the day before