Noah ES Data Migrator tool closes down when choosing ‘Generate patient migration files’

There have been a very few reports of the Noah ES Data Migration tool closing down when choosing to ‘Generate patient migration files’.

The issue appears to be related to .NET components recently updated, HIMSA is investigating, and we hope to have a resolution soon.

If you have this problem where you click on the ‘Generate patient migration files’ button and the Migration tool closes down, the best option is to try the migration from another machine in the Noah network. The problem may happen on one machine, but likely a different computer will be fine.

It is also possible that running Windows updates may resolve but not guaranteed.

If it is not possible to run the Noah ES Migration tool from another machine, or running Windows updates does not resolve the problem, you can use the Advanced option in the Migration Tool. In this case you will first export patient records from Noah System and then use the Noah ES Data Migrator tool to select the nhax file/s.

Directions for using the Noah ES Migrator tool Advanced Tab are here: