Unable to save actions to Noah ES

**This issue has been fixed in Noah 4.14.2 released on November 29th, 2022. See details:

We have seen this error when the Schema files are not updated correctly, HIMSA is investigating a fix.

Please try these steps to resolve the save issue:

  1. Close Noah

  2. Navigate to the folder: C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah\Schemas\Actions and delete the contents.

    1. If you receive an message that the files are in use, stop the Noah Server Service and Noah Client Service and try the Delete again.

  3. Download the SchemaConverterUpdate file at this link: https://www.himsa.com/himsa_download/noah-system-download/noah-data-standard-update-utility/

  • Run the SchemaConverterUpdate.exe on the computer, this will repopulate the folder.

  • Restart Noah Server Service and Noah Client Service if you stopped them in Step 2.

  • Launch Noah ES, open the relevant module and verify data can now be saved.


To prevent the save issue from happening again till a fix is released by HIMSA, it is possible to disable the Noah Server service.

The disadvantage of this workaround is if anyone also works in the local Noah database, they will not get in.

  • Click Windows button and search for Services

  • Navigate to the Noah Server service

  • Right click and select properties

  • Change Startup type to Disabled, click OK

  • Reboot the computer and log into Noah ES