All Noah ES Client Installations are Strongly Encouraged to Update to 4.14.2 or higher

HIMSA released Noah 4.14.2 on Nov 29, 2022 and Noah 4.15.0 on June 5th, 2023. Either version will resolve this issue.

This release was created to address issues with saving new actions (e.g. Audiograms and Fittings).

HIMSA recommends that you update all PCs using Noah ES to avoid the possibility of the issue occurring, even if you have not experienced the issue.

What the Release Solves

Upon saving data back to Noah ES an error would be presented that the data could not be saved. Unfortunately, the message can vary depending on which Noah-compatible module is being used.

A more common version of the message is “00006: Error saving to Noah..NoahExceptionCode:Noah500ActionValidationFailed(600)”




Three Easy steps to upgrade to Noah 4.14.2 or higher

  1. Download the desired installation package from here:

  2. Run the installation, you can accept all default installation prompts.

  3. When the installation is complete the login to Noah ES will appear.



Q: If I am not aware of this issue occurring in the past should take the time to upgrade?

A: Yes. in most cases the issue occurs very sporadically. HIMSA recommends the upgrade to ensure that data ready to be saved is not lost.

Q: Do I need to upgrade all of my PCs to 4.14.2 or higher at the same time?

A: No, you can perform this task as you have time. It is completely fine to have some of your PC’s using 4.14.1 and others using 4.14.2 or 4.15.0.