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Prepare to Migrate

  • Run the Noah System DB Maintenance tool before migration
    Noah System DB Maintenance

  • The Advanced Tab of the Migrator tool allows you to use nhax files manually exported from Noah System, you can have one file or several files from different computers and different offices

  • The export MUST come from Noah version 4.14

  • Before exporting Before migrating data from Noah 4.14 or higher, check the setting for patient numbering in the Noah Console under Server Administration, Patient Numbering Tool. The default setting in Noah ES is automatic patient numbering. If you are using manual patient numbering in Noah System, change the patient numbering in Noah ES to Manual BEFORE migrating data to Noah ES. The setting for patient numbering is found in the Noah ES Portal under Settings, Patient Numbering.

  • For locations with large Noah databases, you will be warned when exporting if you are trying to export more that 5000 patient records. If you have more than 5000 patient records, break down the export to multiple enhax files where each export is under 5000 records. More information is found here:

  • When you export the files from Noah System, choose the secure option of encrypting with a password, the same password should be used for each export that will be moved to the Noah ES account

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Migrate the eNhax files to Noah ES

Download Noah ES Data Migrator

  1. Download the Noah ES Migrator Tool from this page, download found directly above

  2. Unzip the file and run the Migrator tool NoahESDataMigratorGUI.exe

  3. Click the Advanced Tab

  4. Select either Production US or Production EU based on your location

  5. Verify that the Time Zone listed matches the time zone of your location

  6. Enter the password used to encrypt the eNhax export file

  7. Click Select files and browse to your nhax file location, upload file/s for migration

  8. Click Start, you will be prompted to login to your Noah ES account

    1. you will not see Noah ES open, just the message that you have been logged in

    2. once logged in, click back on the Migrator Tool

  9. The upload and migration will begin, progress will be shown under Status in the tool.

    1. The Status will first report Validating as it reviews the data in the enhax

    2. Next the tool reports Uploading – the enhax files are moved to the Noah cloud

    3. Status is Uploaded – once all enhax files have been moved

    4. Next the migration tool moves to Processing, depending on the size of the database and number of files this step may take some time:

    5. When finished tool will report Completed

  10. Once complete you will see message that you can now close the program.

Verify the data was moved successfully

In the Noah ES Data Migrator you can see when the migration is complete under Status and under Files.

The number of files uploaded and number of patient records migrated is recorded.

If any records ‘Failed’ or were skipped, it is noted in the Migration Tool. If records are failed or skipped they have not successfully moved to Noah ES and it should be investigated.

Report any problems by selecting the ‘View error report’ and then saving and uploading to the Noah ES Support Portal.

Submit an issue or Question - Noah ES online Help Desk