Noah Web API (Noah Mobile) Integration Future for Noah ES

Important announcement for HIMSA member companies making use of the Noah Web API (Noah Mobile

Mar 3, 2021

Noah ES will function very similarly to Noah System 4 from a graphical user interface perspective and provide a lot of helpful features for Hearing Care Businesses (HCB). Please see for more information.

Although the user interfaces for hearing care professionals are very similar the implementation behind the scenes is greatly different. Due to the number of larger changes an impact is that Web API (Noah Mobile) will not be supported with Noah ES. This statement applies to both user interactive and service Apps.

HIMSA will release a new API (The Noah ES API) that is implemented as a REST API and is very similar to the current Web API used with Noah 4.

Q: Will the Noah Web API (Noah Mobile) continue to work with Noah System 4?

A: Yes. Further, HIMSA has no plans for ending the support for Noah 4. We are aware that there will be many customers that will prefer to use an on-premise installed application vs. a cloud-based system. Further, HIMSA provides Noah as a world-wide application and Noah ES will not, at least at first, be available in all areas of the world. To start, Noah ES will be available in the United States and European Economic Area.

Main Points in this announcement

  • Member companies currently supporting the Web API and wishing to offer integration with Noah ES will be able to do so in the future when HIMSA has released the Noah ES API.

  • HIMSA is clearly communicating this point with potential Noah ES Beta test sites and will continue to promote this information in future written materials after the beta test has completed. HIMSA will always clearly communicate that integration is not possible due to HIMSA.

  • HIMSA plans to make the post-beta release around June 2021. It is anticipated that the Noah ES API will be finalized 6 months later.

  • Favorable licensing terms are being offered to integrate with Noah ES.

Some of the New Noah ES API Features

Noah ES will provide a number of new features that are currently not offered in the Web API


Short Description


Short Description

Cloud Infrastructure


The Noah Web API (Noah Mobile) provides a relay service that provide a secure connection between an outside system (e.g. an Cloud based App) and Noah installation within customers local area network. Noah ES will of course provide a secure connection to Noah data but will also improve on the following points:

  • The HCBs will have all of their Noah data in one database, some customers today will have a database per office or in some cases, each PC. This can lead to unwanted complexity for App developers

  • The core Noah Services (Database and background management services) are implemented in a multi-tennant which is continually updated

  • The Noah services that you will rely on are hosted within Microsoft Azure and continually monitored with redundancy for maximum reliability.



Indentity and Authentication


  • Noah ES make use of a modern authentication system that is designed to provide a modern identity and authentication process. Noah ES can be set up to use a user account that is based in Noah ES or can optionally make use of integration with:

    • Microsoft Azure AD

    • SAML

    • Open ID Connect

  • These features will provide different options to provide a smoother authentication system with your App and Noah ES.

Noah Action Data


  • The Noah ES API will provide access to all data types and formats

  • Your App can setup custom data subscriptions to be alerted when new types of data are added to a patient record.

Noah ES API Licensing

Any HIMSA member company currently offering a Web API (Noah Mobile) App will be able to integrate with Noah ES for no additional initial or annual fee. More specifically, Any HIMSA member company holding one of the below licenses will not be required to pay any additional fees for integration with Noah ES:

  • Hearing Instrument Manufacturer (HIM)

  • Measurement Equipment Manufacturer (AEM)

  • Scanning Systems (SCAN)

  • Special Purpose (SPS)

  • Service Apps (SAS)

  • Business Systems (OAS)

Q: Is my company required to support integration with Noah ES

A: No.