HIMSA SSO Preview Release for Development

Last Updated Sep 13, 2023

HIMSA is delighted to announce the release of the HIMSA SSO and the HIMSA SSO API for development purposes. This release only includes the availability of HIMSA SSO in our testing environment. More information about release to production will follow.

HIMSA SSO, Single-Sign On, offers an IdP solution for HIMSA members to streamline authentication to their apps and services. The end goal: To provide a simplified and unified login experience for Hearing Care Practitioners.


Q: What is the relation between HIMSA SSO and Noah ES?

A: HIMSA SSO is based on the Noah ES IdP. All features of HIMSA SSO accounts are also available for Noah ES accounts, so apps and services that can authenticate through HIMSA SSO will also be able to authenticate through Noah ES.

HIMSA SSO Environment status and upcoming planned events

While Noah ES is limited to EU and US, HIMSA SSO will be globally available!

What HIMSA Provides

  • HIMSA SSO accounts in our test environment. This environment is based in Europe. Developers outside of Europe will experience a little slower response. HIMSA has only tested HIMSA SSO from Europe and the U.S. but do not expect significant latency issues.

  • Access to make use of HIMSA’s sample app

  • Source code to the sample app is available to members with Noah ES integration access at Noah ES Development – HIMSA

  • Developers guide

Getting Started

Coming in the near future

  • Release to production.

  • Information on the Global Service and moving to a single domain.