Noah ES Log Off

In a change compared to Noah System, Noah ES has option to Log off in addition to a simple Close. Why Log off vs Close with Noah ES?

Log off

A Noah ES user can log their account out of Noah ES by using the Log Off button. The Log off will close the connection to Noah ES completely. Using Log Off is especially important if you are using a shared machine, with multiple Noah ES accounts.

In addition to the Log Off button, when all open windows of the OS browser are closed, the user is logged out.

Once the HCP has logged off Noah, the next login will require a password to login to Noah.


Other Security Considerations


A Noah ES user can close the Noah ES Client without being logged off, by using File, Exit or X in the upper right.

The Noah ES Client will be closed but when Noah is selected to open again, the HCP will not need to provide credentials.

Closing Noah but not logging off will be a nice experience when there is only one HCP on a machine and no other user will launch Noah on the machine. It will close Noah and visible patients, but on the next login, Noah will launch without submitting credentials.

The Noah ES user is still logged in if at least one default OS browser is still open.



What happens to modules or other apps when Noah ES closes?

When Noah ES is closed, all open modules are disconnected (closed) before the Noah ES Client closes. If the Noah ES client is open with unsaved data in Noah or unsaved data in a module, the user will be prompted to save before Noah can close.

What happens to modules or other apps when a user logs off Noah ES?

When Noah ES is logged off and there are open modules or unsaved data ….