Is it possible to use Noah ES if my internet connection is temporarily not available?

If for some reason Noah ES is not available, it is possible to use a profile to log into Noah pointed to a local database. This option could be used when no internet service is available and will allow access to fitting and measurement modules. The local database will be a blank, temporary database that can be used until the Noah ES is available. Any records added to the local database can be exported and then imported when reconnected to Noah ES. This is a process initiated by the hearing care professional, there is not an automated database sync feature.

If the computer is using Noah 4.14 and has never had a licensed Noah System installed, you will need to update to Noah 4.15 which includes a local Noah license for Noah ES subscribers.

Other Questions and Answers

  1. Check the Noah login for a local profile. The default name for the local profile is ‘Noah Server’ you will find the option at the login drop down.

  2. Select the Noah Server profile and log in with the default user ABC (pw 123) or adm, you may get ‘invalid login’ the first time you try.

  3. Once you are in Noah pointing to the local database, go to Settings, Server Profiles, select the 'Noah Server' profile and choose Edit, rename 'Noah Server' to 'Local Noah Database' so it is clear going forward that this is a local Noah database.

  4. Use the local Noah database to work with patients.

  5. Once Noah ES is available again, export any patients that have been added or updated in the local Noah database, close Noah and select the Noah ES profile that points to your hosted Noah database.

  6. Import the records into Noah ES.

Note that the default user level for Noah ES users is a Level 2 that does not allow import and export in Noah ES. If import and export are needed have your administrator review User Levels and Permissions:



Issues logging in locally

  1. If you never had a Noah System license installed and are using Noah 4.14, you may get error ‘your demo license is expired’. Update to Noah 4.15 which includes a local Noah license for Noah ES subscribers.

  2. If your Noah Server profile is not pointed locally, maybe it was pointing to a retired Noah server for example, you may get a 50138 error trying to launch. Run the Noah Configuration Wizard to point Noah to the local database.


Transferring patient updates from local database to Noah ES


Use Advanced Search to locate added or updated records in Noah System.

If you are working with Noah ES away from an internet connection, or your internet service goes down, you can log in to Noah System and work until the connection to Noah ES is restored.

When you are able to get back into Noah ES use Advanced Search in Noah System to identify records that have been added or updated in a specified time frame. For example, Patient Activity for last 30 days. This will create search results that can be exported from Noah System and then Imported into Noah ES.

  1. Launch Advanced Search in the Patient Browser:

2. Then select Patient Activity, Show recent activity, and select data range:

3. Select Search

4. Export the search result at File, Export Patients.