Account and Data Deletion Policy

Effective as of May 30, 2022, HIMSA II K/S, ("HIMSA") and its subsidiaries, or "we" or "us" or "our") have updated our Noah ES Data Protection and Security Policy.


This policy describes the policies for the below types of data:

  • Customer Data - Data about your business

  • Noah ES User Data - Data about the user of Noah ES users that you have set up use Noah ES in your Account

  • Patient Data - Information related to your patients or customers that you provide hearing health care service to
    HIMSA supports customers in over 160 countries and territories. Our customers entrust us with sensitive information.

  • Service Data - Data consisting of Customer Data, Noah ES User Data, and Patient Data

  • Noah ES Activity Log Data - Datalog which records all Noah ES User Data, Patient Data and setting changes to a Noah ES Account

  • Account - Your company's Noah ES Account incorporates the above data, financial, and business agreements.

HIMSA's Data Deletion Policy describes how your' Service Data is deleted in connection with the cancellation, termination, or migration of an Account within the HIMSA Services detailed herein. This Policy does not apply to (a) data that resides in any HIMSA product or services not detailed in this Policy; (b) data that resides in Third Party Services managed and hosted by third parties and the Service Data that is or may be shared with such Third Party Services (as defined in our Master Services Agreement); or (c) data that resides in a HIMSA product or service that is in a Beta, Testing or Early Access Program (except as noted within this Data Deletion Policy). Definitions for the categories of Structured and Unstructured Service Data covered in this Data Deletion Policy can be found following the corresponding table below.

Account Cancellation or Termination

Following the schedule for account cancellations or terminations for the Services listed below, an automated process will begin that permanently deletes your Service Data.  Once commenced, this process cannot be reversed and Service Data will be permanently deleted.

It is the Customers responsibility to export any Service Data before Cancelation or Termination:

Data Deletion Timeline for Service Data

The following table details the applicable HIMSA Service, the types of Service Data in the Service, and the associated deletion details once the deletion process has commenced:

Noah ES


Timeline for Deletion (after deletion process begins) for Cancellation, Termination or Migration

Service Data

30 days

Patient Data

30 days

Noah ES Activity Log Data

30 days

Noah ES User Data

30 days

Data Deletion Timeline For Unstructured Service Data

Unstructured Service Data is Service Data that cannot be viewed by Noah ES Account holder in the Service and includes Service Data that, for example, is maintained in backups, logs, and search indices. Unstructured Service Data is deleted according to the deletion timelines described below.


Timeline for Deletion (after deletion process begins) for Cancellation, Termination or Migration

Database Backups

90 days

Policy Limitations

This Data Deletion Policy is applicable only to the specific Service Data described above. As described in greater detail in our Privacy Policy and Master Subscription Agreement, HIMSA collects certain information from Subscribers to the Services, such as the names and email addresses of Agents, billing address, and other information that may be used for billing, business analytics, marketing, and notification purposes (collectively, "Customer Information").

The deletion procedures in this Data Deletion Policy do not apply to Customer Data, which is maintained by HIMSA in accordance with its Privacy Policy and Terms of use for Noah ES.

Expedited Service Data Deletion

HIMSA does offer a service to delete the above-listed data on an expedited timeframe upon receiving a written request to HIMSA technical support.  Upon receiving the written request HIMSA can then provide a more accurate estimate on the exact time frame.