Noah System DB Maintenance

HIMSA released Noah System 4.15.0 on June 5th, 2023. Note, that if you have upgraded your database from 4.14 to 4.15, you do NOT need to run the The DB Maintenance tool. Do run the tool when using Noah 4.14.2 or if you have imported data directly into 4.15.

The Noah System Database Maintenance tool has been designed to rectify any issues in the Noah System database before migrating the database to Noah ES. Since Noah’s release many years ago there have been many updates and improvements to the database. The Noah System DB Maintenance tool will get all databases up to date and in line with stricter Noah ES database requirements.

It is highly recommended to run the Noah System DB Maintenance tool before migration to prepare for an efficient, error free move to Noah ES.

The Noah System DB Maintenance tool is supported for use with the default CE database and with a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Download the DB Maintenance Tool


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  • The tool requires OS Admin rights to run

  • If Noah System 4 is currently set up as a networked installation, then this tool must be run on the Noah Server

  • IMPORTANT: The DB Maintenance tool will backup the Noah System database before running. If you are configured with Microsoft SQL Server, the tool will NOT backup the database, the backup in this case is the location's responsibility.



  1. Log in to Noah System, then close Noah

  2. Download and unzip the Noah System DB Maintenance

  3. Right click on DB Maintenance.exe and choose ‘Run as administrator’

  4. The tool will detect if Noah is configured with CE, SQLite, or SQL server database

  5. Choose Start to begin:


  6. Choose Yes to the backup:

  7. The tool will backup and repair the database for several seconds or longer depending on the size of the Noah database.

  8. When complete it will display a log of factors that were reviewed and note if any updates were made.


  9. Select Close.

  10. The log file for the DB Maintenance Tool is stored at C:\ProgramData\HIMSA\Noah\Logs: