Adding Users to Noah ES

The initial user account for Noah ES is created when the account is first established. This first user account is the Business Decision Maker (BDM).

The BDM is the owner of the hearing care business or represents the owner. The BDM is the most powerful account in Noah ES, a full administrator with access to all ES functions. The BDM will be able to make important financial and business decisions for the hearing care business, for example, agreeing to contracts.

One important task that the BDM will want to accomplish is adding additional user accounts to Noah ES for all members of the business that work with Noah.

Adding user accounts is done in the Noah ES Portal. You can access the Noah ES Portal several ways:

  1. From Setup, Administration once the Noah ES Client is launched:

  2. From the link in the original email the BDM received ‘Access your Noah ES Portal account’.

  3. Or log in to the Noah ES Portal directly at in the US, or in the European Economic Area (EEA)



In the Noah ES Portal, choose Manage Users.

Use the New ( + ) to add new User Accounts.

The new user will get an email to set password. The link to Set Password expires after 24 hours.

All new users are set to Level 2 by default. If the password link has expired, the admin will need to resend the Set Password email.

The BDM will receive email notification when new user accounts have been accessed for the first time.

Once the new user account has set their password, the BDM can change the user level to what every type is required.

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For more information on user accounts and levels see details here: