Patient Demographic and Session/Action Hierarchy

Patient Data and Session/Action Hierarchy

  1. A Noah ES patient record consists of patient demographic data (e.g., name, date of birth, address). Each patient can have zero to many sessions. There can be one session per calendar day. The session contains zero to many actions.

  2. An action represents a record of data stored for the patient. More details are covered in the below section, “Action Data.”

  3. When a Noah-compatible application saves actions to Noah, it can group the actions together by setting an action group value. Action Group data makes it easier for applications later reading the data to determine what data is closely related to other actions quickly. For example, Noah compatible fitting software will typically store at least four actions when saving a hearing instrument fitting, two hearing instrument selection actions (for each ear), and two fitting actions (for each ear). When saved, all four actions will have the same action group value.

  4. As an option, a Noah-compatible application can store a Fast Data View of the action group. A fast data view can be a PDF or image file. The fast data view can later be ready to show a quick preview of the data.

  5. Noah-compatible applications can set references from one action to another. For example, a fitting application can reference a fitting action to an audiogram action recording the fact that the fitting is based on that particular audiogram.

Action Data

A Noah Action has many properties, the most prominent being present here.