The Noah ES Portal

The Noah ES Portal is the management hub for Noah ES. The Noah ES portal is a new concept but has many features and functions of the familiar Noah Console.

  • Account and User Management

  • Manage Permissions

  • Security Monitoring for Noah ES

The portal can be accessed from within the Noah ES Client at Setup, Administration or can launch directly at: in the US or in EEA

Log in with email and password.

Once launched, you are welcomed in the account Dashboard view. From here you can navigate to User and Permissions Management, Settings, Account information, and the Activity Log.



Manage Noah ES Users

A key function in the Noah ES Portal is Manage Users.

Under Manage Users, you can view the User account list.

Initiate change the password request by selecting the email icon

Use the New ( + ) to add new User Accounts. The new user will get an email to set password. All new users are set to Level 2 by default.

Use the edit icon to change settings for the user or to delete/disable the account.


Edit Users

Edit user details with the edit icon:

Set the User Type, new types include BDM, Technical Administration, Administrative Support (not a charged account, can work in the portal but not in Noah ES Client or with patients.

Activate or Deactivate users (no delete)

Add or remove User Location and Groups

Enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)




Manage User Permissions

Set permitted or denied for host of activities for each User Type.

This is an expanded and improved concept of User Levels in Noah System.

Great example of a new permission is Password self help can be setup by Administrator to allow any users to request a password reset.


Under Settings

  • Can manage Single Sign-on Authentication, for example an integration with Azure Active Directory

  • Settings is where you will manage Manage Locations and Patient Groups this feature allows Noah ES accounts to define specific business locations and assign users and patients to locations or groups

  • Settings is where you set the language for email notifications

  • Settings is where you will select manual patient numbering vs the default automatic patient numbering



Under Account:

  • Billing details, payment info

  • Subscription info, # of users, database size

  • Change subscription or support

  • Cancel subscription


For security monitoring you will find the Activity Log viewer in the Noah ES Portal

Activity log will include expected events for Noah like user log in or patient delete

In addition, for Noah ES, there will be notification events from the HIMSA IdP such as:

  • This account has changed the data access permissions

  • The account has been logged in from a new device.

  • This account has been locked for 5 minutes due to excessive number of incorrect login attempts

The email notifications are sent to the account Administrators