How to use Groups and Locations


On this page, we will describe the use and purpose of Locations and Groups in Noah ES. We will introduce the steps for creating a location or group, and show how to add your users and your patients to a location.

Why locations and groups?

Locations and groups were added to Noah ES as a way for users to regulate and segment their database. For example adding all the patients who frequent a particular clinic, to a location in Noah ES, that represents that physical location and then further adding all the relevant clinical staff who see patients in that particular location. This way only the staff for whom it is relevant to this patient, will be able to see their patient data, providing additional security and control for the owner of an account.

Creating a Location

Congratulations you already created your first location! This is to say that when you sign up for Noah ES, you have created a default location under the name of the business and the BDM user account has been automatically assigned to that location.

If you wish to create additional locations, you may do so by following the steps below. Please note that when you migrate a database to Noah ES, if you have set up Locations and/or groups, you can select the location in the Migration Utility and have all patient records being migrated assigned to that location.

Q: Is it possible for a patient record to be assigned to multiple locations and groups?

A: Yes

Q: I currently use Noah System 4 and have multiple offices. Each office has a separate database. When I migrate the data into Noah ES can I indicate which location or group I wish for these patients to belong to?

A: Yes. If you have your locations/groups set up then the migration utility will prompt you for you desired selection.

Q: Once patients are located in Noah ES is it possible to assign large batches of patients to a location or group?

A: This is currently not supported.

  1. Log into the Noah ES Portal

    1. For EU Customers:

    2. For US Customers:

  2. Select Settings, from the sidebar and then select Locations and Patient Groups from the drop down menu.

Selecting Locations and Patient Groups from the Settings drop down menu, in the sidebar.
  1. Select the plus sign, to add an additional group or location to your account.

Selecting the button labelled with a plus icon


  1. Now you may enter a name for your desired group or location.

  2. Then select whether it should be registered as a group or a location.

    1. The main difference between the two is that locations offer fields to describe where the location is and how it may be reached.

    2. Only a name and type are strictly required to create a new Group or Location.

  3. Depending on what you have selected, fill out the relevant text fields.

  4. Next select “Create” and this will finish the creation of your new group.


  1. Your new location or group will appear in the list, under the Manage Locations and Patient Groups view.

  2. You may Edit existing groups or locations with the grey pencil icon, found on the far left of the listed groups and locations.

  3. Select the Manage Users icon to review all Noah ES users that are members of the location or group and view a list of all non-members as well. Non members can be added to the group/location here. This Manage Users interface can help administer Noah ES users and the groups and locations they are assigned to.


  4. Alternatively and probably most common will be to Assigning User to a group or location at the time the user is created.


Assigning Users

  1. To assign a Noah ES user to a group/location, select Manage Users from the sidebar.

  2. Then you may select the grey pencil icon, associated with the user found in the user list, in the Manage Users view.


  1. In the Manage Users > Edit view, select the Locations and Patient Groups drop-down menu and select the groups/locations the user will have access to.

  2. The new selection will appear in the list of groups and locations that this user is associated with found underneath the drop-down menu in Locations and Patient Groups.

  3. When finished select Save.



Assigning Patients

  1. To assign existing patients to Noah ES Groups and/or Locations, launch Noah ES client and select a patient.

  2. Select Edit, Edit patient from the pull down menu or the Edit/View a patient icon, to edit the selected patient.


  1. In the Patient Details view, select the Locations and Patient Groups drop-down menu

  2. Then select the group/location the patient will belong to. The selected/assigned groups/locations will now be visible, next to the Locations and Patient Groups drop-down menu.

  3. Then select the button on the bottom right, that is labeled with “OK”.

  4. Your patient is now a part of the selected location/group.