Postman - Create a PatientIdentification

Purpose: Show how to create Patient Identification for a patient record. For example, this would be the patient id created by a business system for a patient record they create. This way when searching for the patient, they don’t have to use the Noah patientid to find the patient record in Noah System via the Noah ES API.



  • Generate an Access token


1.) Post

I have set variables for tenantid and PatientId


2.) Headers

a.) The X-Api-Version needs to be set. At this time 1.0 is the only version, so this is what I have set.

b.) X-Idempotent-ID must be unique.


3.) Body

{ "patientId": "e5a941f1-8e26-40b7-9d66-731ceb008182", "manufacturerId": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6", "identificationData": "ABCD1234" }


4.) Response - Successfully Added Identification for the Patient Response from the Noah ES API


{ "patientIdentificationId": "07163e8e-62ef-4187-be8a-cb3c51c66e0b", "patientId": "e5a941f1-8e26-40b7-9d66-731ceb008182", "manufacturerId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "created": "2023-08-04T14:32:44.42Z", "updated": "2023-08-04T14:32:44.42Z", "legacyPatientId": 10061, "identificationData": "ABCD1234" }