Postman - Authorization - Creating an Access Token

Purpose: Create a security token that allows access to the Noah ES account.


*NOTE: If you are developing a User Active App, the user interactive app does not use a client secret but rather uses the authentication for a Noah ES User. The pictures and documentation on this page include a client secret to show what is needed if your app types requires a client secret. Specifically, I was authorizing a sample business system app for this example.


1.) Select the Authorization tab.


2.) Make sure the “Type” is “OAuth 2.0.”


3.) Scroll down to “Configure New Token.” To fill this out you will need the information that was emailed to you.


4.) In my example below, I have blacked out the Client ID and Client Secret.


Token Name: This can be whatever you want to call it. I have used NoahES for the example below. I suggest giving it a relevant name that means something to you.

Grant Type: This needs to be Client Credentials

Access Token URL: 

Client ID: This was provided to you by HIMSA.

Client Secret: This was provided to you by HIMSA.


Client Authentication: Either “Send as Basic Auth header” or “Send client credentials in body” can be used


a.) Send as Basic Auth header

b.) Send client credentials in body


5.) Select “Get New Access Token” button.


6.) Postman will give you the message below. Select “Proceed.”


7.) Now you will see this message. Select the “Use Token” button.

8.) You have created a token that can be used to grant access.