Postman - Post AppConnection

Purpose: Document the Post AppConnetion route. This route is for an App to request access to NoahES.



  • Generate an Access token

  • Find your Tenantid


To find your Tenant ID, follow:



1.) The {tenantid} needs to be removed and replaced.

Updated with an actual tenantid.

2.) Select the Headers tab. The X-idempotent-ID needs to be unique. The X-Api-Version needs to be set. At this time 1.0 is the only version, so this is what I have set.


3.) The body tab contains the access requested for Noah ES by the App

{ "patientFields": [ "FirstName", "LastName", "Gender", "Address1", "City", "Country", "EmailAddress", "HomePhone", "Comment", "Photo", "PatientCategories", "CreatorUserAccountId", "PatientNo" ], "dataTypes": [ 1 ], "userAccountAccessLevel": "Limited" }



4.) You should get a Status: 200 OK message.

Below is the data the is returned for a successful Post AppConnection route

{ "appConnectionId": "f0095885-8859-4b8d-9666-ba3db9bdcb10", "currentUserCanApproveRequests": false, "appPortalUrl": "", "currentDataAccess": null, "created": "2023-04-04T19:17:22.0751316Z" }


5.) At this point you will need to login to the Noah ES Portal for the Noah ES account that the App is requesting approval from.

6.) In the portal navigate to Settings>App Connections. Select the “Review” button in the green box.

7.) On the “Manage App Connections> Create” page, scroll to the bottom and select the “Approve” button.

8.) After selecting “Approve” you will see the message below.

9.) navigate back to Settings>App Connections. You will now see the app has been approved and is in the list.