Web API (Noah Mobile) Developers Guide - Full Document

Noah Mobile SDK App Doc
Overview of the Noah Mobile Solution
Using Noah Mobile Locally
Using Noah Mobile over the Internet
Data Security Features
Checklist for your Noah Mobile App
Has your company signed a HIMSA Noah Mobile agreement?
Does your new app have a HIMSA App ID?
Module ID for Noah registration
How will you communicate with the Noah Mobile Web API?
Using OAuth 2 – Implicit grant with Noah Mobile
Known Issues to Keep in Mind
Setting Up the Noah Mobile SDK
Install and configure Noah System (4.5 or later)
Using the PatientSample application
Using the EZJournal application
Using the Webapp
Mandatory HIMSA Certification
Using HIMSA’s MobileAccessLayer
Noah Mobile Ports
Programming Steps
Typical Flow of a Mobile Application
Noah Mobile Cloud Environments
App Security Related Rules and Considerations
App Data Access Rules and Use of Data
Noah Mobile Versioning
Noah Mobile WebAPI Commands (Swagger)