Noah Alert Dashboard Definitions

Below are a number of definitions that are helpful to be aware of before reviewing more information about the Noah Alert Dashboard


Meaning / Reason


Meaning / Reason


Person that uses hearing instruments, is received hearing care services


Hearing Care Professional, this phrase works nicely to represent audiologists, hearing aid dispenser


Hearing Care Business, a group of HCP's that may work in one or many offices.


Generally refers to a hearing instrument manufacturer.  Could also mean an audiological equipment manufacturer or any general HIMSA member company.

Manufacturer Back End

An application or system provided by a hearing instrument manufacturer. A Manufacturer Back End is used to facilitate hearing care services between Noah, HCP's, Manufacturer, and Patients. This system is generally understood to be a larger system controlled and maintained by the hearing instrument manufacturer. However, the Manufacturer Back End could also be smaller application running on a PC within the hearing care office. The important aspect is that the application is implemented to make use of the web API and implemented as a service app.

Noah Action

A Noah action representing a set of data that can contain publicly and/or privately formatted data.  This data is stored in Noah.

Noah Remote Notification

Noah Remote Notifications are used to describe information generated as a result of remote hearing health care.  Noah Remote Notifications come from Noah compatible software solutions made by HIMSA member companies.  The most likely source will be a Manufacturer Back End System or potentially a fitting module.  Noah Remote Notifications can be used to carry information into a Noah installation from the outside world (e.g. Hearing Performance information from the patient's app) or used to store data in Noah representing work done by the HCP (e.g. new hearing instrument fitting sent to the patient's App)

Noah Action Alert

A Noah Remote Notification that has been set with a special status indicating they are to be shown in the Noah Alert Dashboard.

Noah Alert Dashboard

A GUI tool that will help HCP's be aware of important information.  It is important to not refer to it just as "dashboard" as other applications may also have a "dashboard".

Open or Archived

A Noah Action Alert can be open (visible in the Noah Alert Dashboard) or Archived (not visible in the Noah Alert Dashboard).  Once the Alert has been archived, it cannot be be opened again.

Remote Categories for Noah

Commonly agreed to categories of information and related interactions with patients that are not in the physical presence of the HCP.  These categories are used in Noah to convey information to the HCP's in Noah so that they can have a common understanding no matter which manufacturer they have received data from.

Noah Remote Categories are not designed to convey status or progress of an issue the patient may be having.

Noah Action Alert Priority

A priority, optionally and  solely set by the HCP for a Noah Action Alert.  The patient or the Manufacturer Back End may very well have their own use and definition of priority but they are not transferred to Noah.

Noah Session Browser

A GUI tool that shows all Noah Actions for a single patient record in Noah

The Noah Session Browser will record/show Noah Action Alerts but will not show alert priority.