New Installations

These instructions apply if you are new to Noah or have a computer without Noah installed and are ready to try Noah ES.

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First - Review the technical prerequisites before continuing

The first step is to make sure that your business and PCs meet the following requirements to satisfactorily run Noah ES.

  1. The initial release of Noah ES is in the US and Europe.

  2. Are you working with a Noah compatible business system or mobile app? Noah ES does not currently have any Noah compatible business systems or Noah Mobile Compatible Apps integrated.

  3. Reliable stable internet access, a supported web browser, and meet PC requirements, details here:

Important Note:

Does your Business System or Noah Mobile App Support Noah ES?

In February 2023, the Noah ES integration API was made available to our member companies. As Business Systems and Noah Mobile apps are integrated with Noah ES, HIMSA will certify these systems and provide a list of the certified products on our website.

In the meantime, please let your preferred Business System and Noah Mobile app suppliers know that you are ready for Noah ES integration.

Three Easy steps to install Noah 4.15.0:

  1. Download Noah here:

  2. Initiate the installation, you can accept all default installation prompts.

  3. At the end of the installation, the Configuration Wizard will appear. Select the last choice “Store my patient records in the cloud with Noah ES….”

  4. Click on the Next button and select your preferred language.

  5. The Noah ES Client software will now start.

Q: I did not see the Configuration Wizard, do I need to be worried?

A: No, If Noah was ever installed the wizard will not be shown and this will not impact your next steps.



If you need to sign up for a Noah ES account, please let us know here.

Set up Noah ES user accounts and manage your Noah ES in the Noah ES Portal.

If you are moving a Noah System patient database, please find detailed steps here: