Noah 4 - Switching to Noah ES

These instructions apply to you if:

  • You or your business are currently using Noah 4 and you are preparing to upgrade to Noah ES

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First - review the technical prerequisites to the right before continuing

Noah ES makes use of the Noah ES Client software that runs on a PC as a desktop application.

Important Note: Noah ES currently does not support integration with any current Noah compatible business systems or Noah Mobile Compatible Apps. If you are using this style of integration please wait to upgrade to Noah ES.

HIMSA is currently working on providing the possibility for other applications to integrate with Noah ES.

Make sure to review the technical requirements for using Noah ES.


Before you Upgrade

  1. If you are currently using Noah System 4 you will need to upgrade to Noah 4.14.1 first

  2. If you use a networked installation of Noah System 4 - as is normal procedure, remember that your Noah Server and then client workstations need to all be upgraded first. Upgrading all PCs first will help ensure the smoothest possible upgrade.



Last Step - Start Noah and Login Into Noah ES

If you need to get an account set up please let us know here.