Error 'Your attempt to set a password was unsuccessful.'

The primary Business Decision Maker (BDM) account in Noah ES is setup when the Noah ES account is created. An email is sent to the new BDM account that directs the user to Set Password.

Additional user accounts are added thru the Noah ES Portal. New users are set to Level 2 by default. These new users also receive emails to Set Password.

The password needs to be set within 24 hours or the link in the email will expire and the user will receive the message:

'Your attempt to set a password was unsuccessful.'

The same message will occur if the link has already been used, the email link can only be used to set password one time.


Resolutions for ‘Your attempt to set a password was unsuccessful’

If you are the BDM user and receive this message, you can attempt to login to the Noah ES portal and that will generate a new Set Password email. in the US or in EEA

If you are a Noah ES user set to Level 2, you will need to ask the Administrator to send a password reset from the Noah ES Portal. The reset is found under Manage Users and is the padlock icon on the far right of the user entry.